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Why fight WiFi?

May 7th, 2007

When is the last time you ate in a restaurant? If you’re like me, it was probably just this past weekend. For most of us, restaurants are relaxing and fun. They are affordable, convenient, and provide relief from the dreaded Tuesday night mystery-meat loaf.

More Americans are eating out in restaurants than ever before, and it’s not just our waistlines that take a hit. Ever since I read this story, I have felt a little paranoid whenever I dine out. I suspect even the friendliest server of stealing my credit card information the moment my credit card is out of sight. I have started to use cash more often or take my bill up to the bar and wait while my card is swiped through the terminal.

Recently, one of my employees visited the UK. Not only did the restaurants serve surprisingly good food, but they all had hand-held wireless terminals that the waiters brought right to the tables. Because these terminals ensured that her credit card did not get into the wrong hands, she ended up charging most of her meals versus cashing traveler’s checks during the trip.

Merchants need to fight credit card thieves with the latest technology. Hand-held skimming devices like the ones these criminals used to steal card information are only effective when diners are forced to hand over card information in the first place. If we adapt to this new threat and use the right equipment, we will all be safe from credit card fraud.

Until then, I’ll be eating at home. At least my meat loaf is trustworthy.

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