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FTC Takes Aim at Oregon Operation That Targeted Small Businesses

April 18th, 2007

While this is the first post to our new blog, there couldn’t be any more appropriate news to get us started. Often business owners are so focused on getting the lowest rate, they completely overlook the basics– like who they’re actually doing business with and the reputation of that company.

For example, look at Oregan based Merchant Processing, Inc. (MPI). They are a prime example of a company who allegedly says one thing and does something completely different. While we don’t have any one magic solution to making sure every offer you receive is legitimate, this web site will educate you on how to shop for a merchant account and make sure you get a good deal with a good company. There will be more to come. In the mean time… know who your doing business with!

Click here for the full story!

Some additional news from local station Fox 12 is here.

The FTC just keeps on going. Check it out.

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