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New way to market your business – and stay under budget!

November 13th, 2008

At a time when more people than ever are clipping coupons and cashing in on store discounts, it’s the perfect time for businesses to use promotions.  But how do you do this when your marketing budget is being allotted elsewhere and print advertising costs make your head spin?  Enter a brand new mobile coupon system.

If you normally collect your customers personal information to send incentives (which is one of the cheapest marketing tactics available to you) simply request their cell number as well.  Ease your customers fears about being bombarded with unwanted calls and let them know they will only receive texts and only with very significant offers.  Keep your word to them and only send them things of value, nothing can turn a customer off to your business like false promises of privacy.

There are many technologies out there that allow you to send promotional texts to your customers…but now it is getting even easier for you to redeem and track them.  Cellit Studio is launching a new program to make mobile advertising easier than ever for merchants.  In a press release from The Green Sheet…”Cellit Studio was designed from the start to provide uniquely track-able coupon codes within each offer”, continued Wachs. “Now, the store clerk no longer has to log on to the Cellit Studio web site to redeem the coupons and ensure their validity.  The user simply presses a hotkey from within their POS and the Widgit appears.  It is a simple solution to the complex problem of mobile coupon redemptions.”

“The Widgit can be installed within a few minutes on any point of sale system connected to the internet, running Windows 95 or above.  For clients requiring a higher level of integration with their POS and business processes, Cellit also offers a complete programming API.”

So keep an open mind about the future of your marketing budget, upcoming technologies can help lower your costs and make connecting with your customers simpler than ever.

If your business does not offer a loyalty card program to keep your customers up to date on special offers, give us a call at 888.729.9348.  We have the perfect solution to fit any size business, and you can even get started for FREE!

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