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SEE ID: a precaution or a liability?

May 14th, 2007

Pop Quiz! What do you do when a customer hands you a credit card with ‘See ID’ written on the back instead of a signature? Do you:

A. Check their ID

B. Swipe the card because ‘See ID’ is a security feature

C. Ask for another form of payment

Time is up! If you answered anything other than C, you might as well open your cash register and start giving away your money. Unsigned credit cards are invalid, and ‘See ID’ is not an acceptable substitute. Here’s what you should do the next time you receive an unsigned card or one with ‘See ID’ on the back.

First, check the cardholder’s official government ID. Make sure the photo on the ID matches the customer standing in front of you. Next, have the customer sign the card in your presence. Check this signature to the signature on the cardholder’s ID. Then process the sale and send them on their way.

If the customer refuses to sign or does not have ID, ask for another form of payment. Do NOT let them pay with a card that they refuse to sign. If you accept an unsigned card and the customer later disputes the charge, you may be held financially responsible for the transaction.

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